Phillips Properties Worldwide represents a step in the process of rethinking the real estate industry and providing clients and colleagues with a better way of doing business for benefit of all involved.

We’re eager to affiliate with more independent real estate professionals and to work together for our collective success.

Did you know there is a “PHILLIPS” real estate company in nearly every US state and country in the world?

There’s also an opportunity to leverage the “PHILLIPS” name to achieve large multi-national mass while maintaining the freedom of independent operation.

Phillips Properties Worldwide provides its members with innovative resources and large organization affiliation, without the expensive requirements commonly found with large national real estate firms.

Our goal is to affiliate PHILLIPS namesake real estate organizations throughout the world.  In doing so, members receive the benefits of association with a rapidly growing international real estate organization without giving up their autonomy or experiencing the oppressive requirements of a national real estate company.

The real estate industry is undergoing significant structural changes.  Phillips Properties Worldwide is positioned to be a catalyst in these changes and to link independent like-minded professionals together to enjoy individual and collective progress.

In our decades of experience in the real estate industry, we’ve observed the many unnecessary hurdles that agents, brokers and other real estate professionals are forced to overcome in order to be successful.  We’ve recognized that in many circumstances, the large real estate companies are barriers to individual profitability, instead of serving as advocates and solutions providers.

Since our inception Phillips Properties Group has chosen to Embrace Change In Real Estate™.  We’ve earned a reputation for being “out of the box” thinkers and have created an innovative model that can help like-minded professionals succeed to the magnitude they aspire to.

Our vision for Phillips Properties Worldwide is to extend the brand and name recognition for each member by working collaboratively.  Members benefit from their association with an emerging worldwide brand, while avoiding the pitfalls of corporate dictates.


Our goal is to provide Phillips namesake organizations and independent-minded real estate professionals with innovative resources and a “strength in numbers” identity to help grow their businesses.

  • We conduct seminars, workshops and webinars to share trend-setting practices with our members.
  • We facilitate communication among through conference calls, meetings and conventions to help members build resources networks.
  • We provide members with the opportunity to participate in the financial success of their associates through lead generation and referrals.
  • We give members and their clients access to real estate properties and trusted colleagues in locations throughout the world.
  • We extend the marketing reach of our members through inclusion of their listings and company information on our national website.
  • We offer members the ability to demonstrate industry leadership through their association with an international real estate industry leader.  (For Phillips namesake organizations, this can even be viewed as an extension of the “family business.”)

Our vision for Phillips Properties Worldwide is to extend the brand and name recognition for each member by working collaboratively.  Members will experience the greatest magnitude of value in the association through their active participation in seminars, conferences and online marketing.


Affiliation with Phillips Properties Worldwide is quick and easy.

1.    Own or create a Phillips-namesake business in the real estate industry.
2.    Contact us by phone at 1-855-532-8879 or 919-346-1346 to set up and conduct a brief screening interview.
3.    Agree to the terms of association, which include

  • Promoting the association on the member’s website and collateral material
  • Promoting the member company – including available properties – on the Phillips Properties Worldwide website
  • Paying 10% of earned commissions to fellow Phillips Properties Worldwide associates on occasions where the other member played a role in the transaction
  • Paying membership dues to the association ($100 US per month or $1,000 US annually)
  • To the degree possible, participate in ongoing association activities such as conference calls, regional meetings and newsletter and blog content

That’s all there is to it!
Phillips Properties Worldwide reserves the right to cancel the involvement of organizations which, in PPW’s sole judgment are unable to meet the standards of affiliation.  PPW also reserves the limit to limit the number of participating organizations is specific geographic regions, in order to provide greater value to each member.

Members of PPW can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Participation in seminars, workshops and webinars about innovative real estate concepts
  • Network-building through in-person and online activities
  • Payment on all lead generation and referrals that lead to deal closings by other members
  • Access to vetted peers and real estate inventory in locations throughout the world
  • Assistance by peers in other markets in generating awareness for listings
  • Additional online marketing through the PPW website – extending online visibility with search engines and prospects moving to the members’ home area
  • Affiliation with a leading international real estate organization, which can provide added credibility in prospect meetings

Phillips Properties Worldwide unleashes the twin forces of innovation and collaboration for our members.  Affiliation can be a great way for members to be part of large organizations without being subjected to expense and policies commonly found with major national real estate chains.

Get started with Phillips Properties Worldwide by calling 1-855-532-8879.

For a list of participating members and locations, contact Jim Phillips at